April 07th, 2022

Embrace Gifts that Give Back. Together, We Can Save Our Planet.

Discover Singapore embarks on the journey to create awareness on sustainable living with the launch of a 3-month campaign from April to June 2022, in conjunction with the international Earth Day and World Environment Day.

Befitting the theme of “Embrace Gifts that Give Back. Together, We Can Save Our Planet”, this campaign aims to promote environmentally responsible consumption to preserve our livelihood with carefully selected sustainable gifts and souvenirs catered for global citizens from all walks of life. 

Limiting the environmental impact of products and services

Sustainability is an issue that can no longer be ignored, and corporates and individuals alike must take collective action. Environmentally friendly is a must have for modern consumers who demand ethical manufacturing, sourcing and products as a way of living. “As travellers are becoming increasingly discerning about the traceability of the products purchased, it is critical to develop and implement sustainable solutions. The integration of ethical procurement process in sourcing to minimize packaging and use of biodegradable materials are the actions taken to address these issues. An extensive range of environmentally offerings such as stainless-steel tumbler, tea towels, toiletries pouch and more are amongst the recommended gift selections put forth at Discover Singapore to encourage eco-conscious switch. Additionally, transforming scarf into sustainable gift-wrappingideas challenge us to come up with innovative concepts to repurpose,” said Ann Pang, Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore and Malaysia. To lead with action, reusable shopping bags as gift-with-purchase are given away as an alternative in cutting back on single-use plastic consumables to reduce waste.

Leveraging on green technology to reduce carbon footprint 

“With the ever-increasing global average temperatures and rising greenhouse gas emissions, we also strive to optimise the impact of our commitment in this regard by working closely with our business partners to improve energy consumption efficiency.

The campaign’s in-store decorative elements are produced using UV printing, a green technology that is safe for the nature, leaving almost zero carbon footprint as the UV inks dry through photomechanical process immediately and release no volatile organic compounds into the environment,” added Ann.

Inculcate positive change through creativity 

The mission to raise awareness about the significance of sustainable living also involved the employees by means of various internal initiatives, such as educational sessions sharing by the Corporate Social Responsibility committee to enhance employees’ knowledge on Lagardère’s commitment in driving sustainable development.

An environmental artist was also invited to conduct workshop in crafting art tiles using micro-plastic waste. This upcycle initiative served to further inculcate positive change through creative inspiration.  The hands-on experience aims to enable employees in making a personal commitment on day-to-day basis in both their personal and professional life to practice sustainable living.

Together, we can make a difference to build a better future

The environmental and climate crisis requires business community and individuals to take immediate action to restore and protect our planet. Every individual has a voice and role to play in shaping the future for sustainability. Together, we can make a difference!