May 24th, 2024

Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore: Nurturing Communities, Sustaining our Planet

At Lagardère Travel Retail, our commitment to People, Ethics, Planet, and Social causes is unwavering. We are proud to share the impactful initiatives that showcase our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Environmental Conservation with Waterways Watch Society_Lagardere Travel Retail CSR_PEPS_Sustainability

Environmental Conservation with Waterways Watch Society_Lagardere Travel Retail CSR_PEPS_Sustainability

Environmental Conservatoin with Waterways Watch Society

We demonstrated our appreciation and commitment to environmental management through the Kallang Riverside Park Waterways clean up. This marks the third rounds of running, where Lagardère Travel Retail has taken stewardship in the preservation and protection of the waters and environment in Singapore. The team embraced the objectives of Value-In-Action by tackling water scarcity and litter pollution and ensuring environmental sustainability through hands-on activities. Our meticulously orchestrated cleanup operation resulted in the collection of a significant amount of discarded waste, which was then channeled through Waste-to-Energy incineration plants to transform into renewable energy. Through this endeavor, our efforts contributed to sustainable water and environmental goals, highlighting the critical importance of sustainable waste management practices.

Our participation in this initiative serves as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding our planet's natural resources while fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within our organization and beyond.

Lagardere Travel Retail CSR_ Sustainability_Tree Planting Bintan Indoensia

Empowering Communities and Celebrating Diversity

In a transformative CSR mobilization visit to Bintan, Indonesia, Lagardère Travel Retail management team led with making a tangible difference.

The team planted trees to signify our commitment to cherish nature's bounty and taking action to reduce greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration. The event also symbolizes our dedication to nurture and grow our business and overcome challenges as a team. The trees will serve as a reminder on our resolve to environmental sustainability and our unity and resilience as a team.

We hosted a creative batik-making session with the local art school Cahaya Lentera Difa for children with diverse abilities. The wax-resist cloth dye method is indigenous to Indonesia. The group enjoyed flexing their creative muscles and learnt to appreciate the attention to detail and artistic talent involved in batik-making. This immersive experience not only fostered creativity but also celebrated inclusivity and cultural heritage.

Lagardere Travel Retail _Btaik Making Session_Cahaya Lentera Difa

At Lagardère Travel Retail, our initiatives and actions embody our ethos of fostering positive change in the world. By prioritizing People, Ethics, Planet, and Social causes, we build a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.