May 02nd, 2023

Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore Strengthen its Commitment to Create a More Sustainable Future

Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore continues to embrace on a green journey via a series of joint efforts with business partners and internal team in building a more sustainable and responsible future.

Partner of Choice with Responsible Offerings

Following the inspirational Discover Singapore’s sustainable living campaign last year, similar initiative is being put forth to continue emphasize on the significance of environmentally responsible consumption to preserve our livelihood. A 3-month campaign entitled “Choose A Present That Gifts The Future” was launched in April in conjunction with the international Earth Day. This campaign will last till June to coincide with the World Environment Day. The ‘Present’, represents the sustainable gifts and souvenirs that Discover Singapore has to offer, it is also a pun to underline the present moment, to create urgency in making an eco-conscious switch today to protect the earth.


New Singapore home-grown brands with eco-friendly product lines are being introduced to promote responsibly sourced merchandise in cultivating ethical behaviour. This includes handcrafted artisan cold process soaps which are free of synthetic fragrances and artificial colouring as it is made of natural ingredients and packaged in upcycled milk and juice cartons contributed by the community. In this context, minimal new resources are used. The collection is complemented with reusable soap bar travel pouches to reduce packaging waste as compared to single use wrapping or container.

A selection of homewares is also available such as coasters and serving trays designed with environmentally friendly Jesmonite, a non-toxic material which serves as a safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete as it is derived from upcycled coffee grounds and plastic wastes collected and processed manually.

The plastic wastes provide a myriad of colours while the used coffee grounds add miniscule, speckled detail to each piece resulting in a 'terrazzo' look appearance.

In preserving memories and functionalities, vintage upcycled kitchenware collected from local community are reimagined and transformed into other practical pieces such as tiered plate stands to give it a second life.

Limiting Environmental Impact

In addition to regulating the traceability of the products sourced, Ann Pang, Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore and Malaysia and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère Travel Retail North Asia, highlights on other operational practices in implementing sustainable solutions.

To lead with action, Discover Singapore newly designed shopping bags are made with biodegradable materials that leave no toxic residues to promote responsible packaging and disposable consumables.

Ann also further stressed on the commitment of Lagardère Travel Retail global direction in energy reduction measures through practical ways to make a difference for our planet.

Some of the tips include regular housekeeping, for instance, to delete emails which are no longer needed to ensure ultimate performance of email application and to close unused programmes, tabs and windows to protect digital devices’ shelf-life with reduced heat build-up and energy usage. These are amongst the guidelines shared with the team to reduce carbon emission.

The team is also encouraged to join the “My Recycling Diary” programme to share recycle, reduce and reuse green practices which had been incorporated into their daily life. Individual who contributes the most innovative ideas are rewarded with dining vouchers.


Inculcate Positive Change

To make green habits fun and achievable, a restoration workshop was conducted involving the team to learn basic repair skills in salvaging products ranging from broken electrical appliances to torn clothing.

Participants put their hands on to diagnose and fix faulty electrical products and to mend fabric or re-purpose into other useful alternatives to encourage the mindset in prioritising repair over replacement to minimise waste.

A restoration workshop was conducted involving the team to learn basic repair skills in salvaging products ranging from broken electrical appliances to torn clothing


Charity Drive to Support Local Community

Lastly, a book donation drive is also initiated to encourage the idea of reuse resources by passing on reading materials to the needy, thus promoting sustainability through reducing landfill and waste, while nurture the learning and reading culture.

The collected books will be channelled to Dignity Mama bookstore to resell in generating funds as the social enterprise operates through zero-cost products via donations to employ adults with special needs.


Together, We Can Make A Difference to Build A Better Future

Every individual has a voice and role to play to take immediate actions to restore and protect our planet. Lagardère Travel Retail is committed to making a difference and lead by example in shaping a more sustainable future.