As its name indicates, The Belgian Chocolate House is THE place for Belgian chocolate devotees.

Our vocation consists in presenting the biggest names in Belgian artisan chocolate makers who all contributed to the country’s repute since the 19th century.

Today, almost 1 Ton of chocolate sold each year in Zaventem, The Belgian Chocolate House is the largest sales point of chocolate worldwide: 1.633 kg per minute, 24/7.

True ambassador of Belgium’s most renowned chocolate, the Praline, The Belgian Chocolate House exclusively offers several iconic brands of chocolates: Neuhaus, Godiva, Corné Port-Royal, Pierre Marcolini, Galler, Leonidas... 

Belgium is the Realm of Chocolate! Chocolate was usually drunk when it first appeared in the country after the discovery of the new world – the “West Indies”. Since the 17th century, the expensive produce is offered as a gift. In the 19th century, the trade of chocolatier-confectioner developed, and Belgium started exporting its chocolate to Holland, Prussia and Luxembourg… Chocolate molds have been manufactured in Belgium since 1832.

The 20th century marks the consecration of Belgium as the country of chocolate. More than 150 chocolatiers opened a business, but the praline will have to wait another twelve years and the great inspiration of Jean Neuhaus who developed a bite coated in chocolate and success proved immediately. His wife created the ballotin, a box specially made to protect pralines that are arranged side by side in separate layers.

Other confectioners followed, including Mary, Godiva, Corné Port-Royal and more recently, Galler. In accordance with tradition, these confectioners still make refined products that represent the Belgian chocolate expertise worldwide: the praline.