Fresh food and convenience for the commuter

Quick and friendly service, with outlets located wherever you are, on your way to work, to home or when you travel.

For young and older commuters, 1 Minute offers wide assortment of products - food products and drinks, spirits, bread, daily necessities, newspapers, cigarettes, batteries, sanitary and chemical products, diary products, fresh sandwiches and salads, cookies and ice-cream, to fast food, hot coffee and tea and hot dogs and casseroles - all under own brand. In a 1 Minute store you can also load a pre-paid card, take advantage of Lotto services or pay your bills.

1 Minute  is a typical convenience store that enables you to satisfy your daily needs, while providing you peace of mind, as you know that in every situation you rely on this store, do your shopping and find everything you need.

1 Minute are located in public spaces, such office buildings, hospitals, universities, gas stations and other travel locations.