A focused selection of travel-related technology accessories tailor-made for travelers

​The design of Tech2go store plays an important part in the overall story of the concept, bringing customers into a futuristic, high tech, yet social retail experience. Young, playful and technical, the store design also focuses on interaction, with the Headphone Wall Bay, a highly valuable asset for technology outlets. Digital tools are displayed in the store, helping time-pressed travelers choose the right products efficiently. In addition, lifestyle images placed on walls, balance the “tech“ aspect of the store and fuels proximity with the customer. ​

​Merchandising brings entertainment to the store and highlights the core categories of Tech2go (headphones, phone accessories, chargers & adaptors) adapted to all age groups and budgets. Innovation, exclusivity in certain brands and competitive prices vs high street reinforce the attractiveness of Tech2go. ​

​As a specialist in innovative and complex tech accessories, the tech savvy staff of Tech2go compensates its technical approach with a forthcoming attitude towards customers. The staff is trained by the vendors themselves and customer service is based on clarity and simplicity, to meet the needs of novice and/or travelers pressed for time.