​A unique souvenir store concept that recreates a sense of the local culture within each outlet

The concept offers travelers an experiential playground, with a strong sense of place and a well thought customer shopping experience, where they can find authentic, high quality and affordable gifts and souvenirs.​

​Discover is able to establish a familiar shopping experience throughout the world, while simultaneously creating a strong sense of place in each store location. This delicate balance between brand familiarity and local individuality is achieved​ by Discover’s uniquely flexible brand design and architecture that can be adapted to local environments while still embodying Lagardère Travel Retail deep understanding of souvenir store purchase dynamics.​

​The mix encompasses clothing, toys, food, wine and more, with a constant emphasis on provenance and quality. Within these categories, the product range is highly adapted to local consumer behavior and trends: orchid brooches in Singapore and boomerangs in Australia.